Anna Zakrevsky is an interdisciplinary performer and choreographer, a graduate of The School of Visual Theatre, Jerusalem.

Annas work deals with the internal struggle of the living, ever-changing, and evolving body, with the desire to transgress into a formal/technical mechanism, and thus expand the definition of human by assimilating technology as part of it. In her work, the body seems to struggle for its presence/reality, the “I” wishes to appear, to disintegrate to its elementary particles, by confronting, accepting, coming to terms with, and integrating technology, images, and effects.


The interactions and relations presented on stage between the body, its functions, and its representations, allows the creation of an ‘in-between’ space of ‘becoming.' Different kinds of relations and interactions are formed between the ‘naked’ body and the objects, between cultural images and ideas without a-priori judgments or preconditions. As a result, the body and the object re-manifest through their mutual engagements. They abandon their pre-designated roles and functions, change contexts, re-establish relationships, and go through fabricated events and experiences, much like in reality.